Matt Odell

bitcoin, privacy, and open source advocate Host: Citadel Dispatch, Rabbit Hole Recap. Co-Founder: BitcoinTV, Open Sats, Bitcoin Park, Bitcoin Dev List, Final Message. Partner at Ten31. Advisor: Bitcoin Magazine, BottlePay, Hoseki, Pleblab, Hexa Wallet, Swan Bitcoin.


Twitter - @ODELL
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GitHub - @modl21

My PGP key is located here

Current Projects

Citadel Dispatch
Bitcoin Dev List
TFTC Video Guides
Final Message
BTC Citadel Workshops
BTC Citadel Telegram Group
Bitcoin Keybase Group
Samourai Whirlpool Stats

Video Guides

My favorite bitcoin storage solution
Graphene OS + Pixel 3a Full Install Process Using Ubuntu
Using an Opendime
Spending from an Opendime
Lightning Network for Beginners with Breez Wallet
Coldcard + Wasabi Wallet Basic Setup and Usage

Words by me

Other Bitcoin Resources

Data Dashboard
Bitcoin Privacy Guide
Privacy Resources
Beginner Guide
Bitcoin Backups Guide
6102bitcoin Resources
Bitcoin Q&A Guides
Bitcoin Optech
Ministry of Nodes Guides
Lightning Node Management Guide
Price and Chain Data
P2P Trade Volumes
Bitcoin Stack Exchange
Bitcoin Wiki
Bitcoin ACKs - Bitcoin Core Activity Tracker
No KYC Guide
No KYC bitcoin exchanges
Getting Started with Lightning Network
Keep It Simple Bitcoin Guides
Software Verification Guide
General GPG Guide
Spanish Language Bitcoin Guides
Bisq Wiki
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity
Techlore Go Incognito Course
Ketan’s Blog
Saylor Academy - Bitcoin for Everybody
Econoalchemist’s Guides
Diverter’s Guides
21 Lessons

Bitcoin Tools

Hardware wallet: ColdCard, SeedSigner
Android wallets: Samourai, Blue Wallet, Muun Wallet
iOS wallets: Blue Wallet, Muun Wallet, Fully Noded
Lightning wallets: Phoenix, Breez, Muun Wallet, Zap, Zeus, RTL
Desktop wallets: Core, Sparrow Wallet, Specter
Self Hosted Multisig: Sparrow Wallet, Specter, Caravan, Electrum, FullyNoded, Gordian Wallet
Hosted Multisig: Unchained Capital, Casa
Favorite block explorers: Mempool.Space, Blockstream, OXT, KYCP
Mempool Status
Transaction Monitor
Prebuilt dedicated node: Nodl
Build your own dedicated node: Umbrel, RaspiBlitz, RoninDojo, MyNode

Other Tools

Prebuilt computers: System76, Purism
Desktop OS: Pop!OS, Tails, Debian
Browser: Firefox, Tor, UnGoogled Chromium, Chromium
Mobile phone: Pixel 4a running GrapheneOS, Calyx, Librem 5, Pine Phone
Messages: Signal, Keybase, Wire, Telegram, Threema
Hosted VPN: Mullvad, ProtonVPN
Email: Tutanota, ProtonMail
Cross device notes/tasks: StandardNotes
Share files: Onion Share, Keybase, Firefox Send
Password manager: BitWarden, KeePass
Two factor authentication: Aegis

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Twitter Policy

Need some help or guidance?

Do not hesitate to reach out through my contact info above. Keybase and Telegram are preferred.

If you are looking for a more focused one on one - through phone or video - I am happy to do that as well.

Liability Disclosure

My content provides education as to general privacy and security practices when using Bitcoin. Should you choose to apply the practices described in linked content with bitcoin or any other digital asset you own now or may purchase in the future, you do so at your own risk and I shall in no event be liable for any financial loss suffered. Nothing shall be construed as providing consulting, financial advice or general advice as to securing any digital asset of value.

Rabbit Hole Recap is currently sponsored by Unchained Capital, HodlHodl, Braiins, Upstream Data, and Blockstream. Potential sponsors are screened heavily and they understand our opinions are not for sale. We hold our sponsors to a high standard and are often critical of them. I hope to move to a listener funded ad-free model as soon as possible. Search Rabbit Hole Recap in your favorite podcast app and click subscribe!

Citadel Dispatch is a free and open project that is 100% audience funded. It has never and will never have ads or sponsors. All sats donated are held in cold storage to help fund the project long term. Search Citadel Dispatch in your favorite podcast app and click subscribe!

Advisor Disclosure

I advise many bitcoin companies and founders in the space. Currently three have given me small equity positions in return - BottlePay, Hoseki, Hexa Wallet, Pleblab, and SwanBitcoin. There is no promise of paid promotion or endorsement in those agreements. I will use my position as an advisor to help make the above products the best they can be but it should not be considered an endorsement.


If this section disappears then something is wrong that I cannot disclose.